Cardiovascular biological activity

List of chemicals and dosages (if available) with Cardiovascular biological activity
Apomorphine 1 mg/kg ivn rat
Bufotenine 0.1 ipr rat
Gaba 208 ivn dog
Gamma-aminobutyric-acid 208 ivn dog
Harmaline 5 ivn dog
Harmine 4 mg/kg ivn cat
Histamine 0.15 mg/kg ivn rbt
L-dopa 12 ivn rat
Mescaline 25 mg/kg ivn rbt
Morphine 1.1 scu rat
Nicotine 0.25 mg/kg ivn dog
Papaverine 100 mg/kg orl mus
Pyrocatechol 100 mg/kg ivn dog
Pyrogallol 25 mg/kg ivn dog
Serotonin 0.003 mg/kg ivn rat
Synephrine 0.25 mg/kg ivn dog
Theophylline 30 mg/kg orl rat
Tyramine 0.8 ivn cat30 mg/kg scu mus
Yohimbine 1 mg/kg ivn rat