Top plants containing Alpha-carotene

Displaying top 8 plants with measured amounts of Alpha-carotene
black carrot, carrot, eastern carrot, Mediterranean carrot, purple carrot, Queen Anne's-lace, queen's-lace, salosi, sea carrot, wild carrot
found in Root
American bird pepper, bell pepper, bird pepper, capsicum pepper, Cayenne pepper, cherry pepper, chili pepper, cone pepper, green pepper, long pepper, paprika, pimento pepper, red capsicum, red cone pepper, red pepper, sweet pepper, turkey pepper
found in Fruit
Balsas teosinte, Central Plateau teosinte, Chalco teosinte, corn, dent corn, Durango teosinte, field corn, flint corn, Guerrero teosinte, Huehuetenango teosinte, Indian corn, maize, Mexican teosinte, nobogame teosinte, pod corn, popcorn, rayana grass, San Antonio Huista teosinte, sweet corn
found in Seed
culate mandarin, mandarin, mandarin orange, mandarine orange, Swatow orange, tangerine
found in Fruit
blood orange, navel orange, orange, sweet orange, Valencia orange
found in Fruit, Pericarp
alligator-pear, avocado, avocado-pear, Guatemalan avocado, lowland avocado, Mexican avocado, Trapp avocado, West Indian avocado
found in Fruit
American red raspberry, European red raspberry, raspberry, red raspberry, wild red raspberry
found in Fruit

found in Fruit