Top plants containing Trigonelline

Displaying top 11 plants with measured amounts of Trigonelline
Arabian coffee, arabica coffee, coffee, coffeetree
found in Seed

found in Seed, Tissue Culture, Plant, Cotyledon
common garlic, garlic, ophio garlic, rocambole, serpent garlic, Spanish garlic
found in Bulb
Austrian winter pea, dun pea, edible-pod pea, field pea, garden pea, green pea, grey pea, mutter pea, partridge pea, pea, peluskins, snow pea, sugar pea, Syrian fodder pea
found in Root, Shoot, Seed, Leaf, Fruit, Sprout Seedling, Stem
edamame, soya, soya-bean, soybean
found in Seed, Leaf, Fruit, Tissue Culture, Stem, Root, Plant
found in Root
bulb onion, ever-ready onion, multiplier onion, onion, potato onion, shallot, Spanish onion, spring onion
found in Seed
barley, wild barley
found in Seed
Armenian cucumber, cantaloupe, casaba melon, dudaim melon, garden-lemon, honeydew melon, mango melon, melon, melon-apple, muskmelon, netted melon, nutmeg melon, orange melon, Oriental pickling melon, Persian melon, phoot, pickling melon, pomegranate melon, Queen Anne's pocket melon, serpent melon, snake cucumber, snake melon, snap melon, stink melon, sweet melon, ulcardo melon, vegetable-orange, vine-peach, winter melon
found in Seed
Balsas teosinte, Central Plateau teosinte, Chalco teosinte, corn, dent corn, Durango teosinte, field corn, flint corn, Guerrero teosinte, Huehuetenango teosinte, Indian corn, maize, Mexican teosinte, nobogame teosinte, pod corn, popcorn, rayana grass, San Antonio Huista teosinte, sweet corn
found in Seed
American bird pepper, bell pepper, bird pepper, capsicum pepper, Cayenne pepper, cherry pepper, chili pepper, cone pepper, green pepper, long pepper, paprika, pimento pepper, red capsicum, red cone pepper, red pepper, sweet pepper, turkey pepper
found in Seed