Top plants containing Pentan-1-ol

Displaying top 5 plants with measured amounts of Pentan-1-ol
black walnut
found in Essential Oil
Assam tea, black tea, China tea, common tea, green tea, Japanese tea, tea, teabush, teaplant
found in Shoot
bilberry, blaeberry, dwarf bilberry, European blueberry, whinberry, whortleberry
found in Fruit Juice
asparagus broccoli, Bedford cabbage, borecole, braganza, branching bush kale, branching cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bush kale, cabbage, cabbage turnip, calabrese, Cape broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese broccoli, Chinese kale, collards, cow cabbage, curled kitchen kale, curlies, curly kale, decorative kale, flowering cabbage, flowering kale, fodder kale, giant Jersey kale, heading broccoli, Jersey kale, kale, kohlrabi, marrow-stem kale, ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale, palm kale, palm-tree kale, perennial kale, perpetual kale, Portuguese cabbage, Portuguese cole, Portuguese kale, Portuguese tree kale, purple cauliflower, red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, Scotch kale, Scottish kale, seakale cabbage, Shetland cabbage, spring-heading cabbage, sprouting broccoli, stem turnip, tall kale, thousand-head kale, tree kale, tronchuda cabbage, tronchuda kale, turnip cabbage, turnip kale, white cabbage, wild cabbage, winter broccoli
found in Stem
American blueberry, blueberry, highbush blueberry, swamp blueberry
found in Fruit Juice