Top plants containing Glycolipids

Displaying top 5 plants with measured amounts of Glycolipids
Chinese water-spinach, swamp morning-glory, water-convolvulus, water-spinach
found in Plant
manioc-hibiscus, sunset-hibiscus
found in Plant
chayote, cho-cho, christophine, vegetable-pear
found in Leaf
banana squash, buttercup squash, giant pumpkin, great pumpkin, Hubbard squash, pumpkin, red gourd, squash, turban squash, winter squash
found in Plant
big-stem mustard, brown mustard, cabbage-leaf mustard, canola, chicken mustard, Chinese mustard, chopped mustard, curled mustard, cut-leaf mustard, dissected-leaf mustard, hakka mustard, head mustard, horned mustard, India mustard, Indian mustard, large-petiole mustard, large-root mustard, leaf mustard, multishoot mustard, nine-head mustard, oilseed mustard, Oriental mustard, ostrich-plume, root mustard, southern curled mustard, Swatow mustard, swollen-stem mustard, tuberous-root mustard, turnip-root mustard, vegetable mustard
found in Plant