Top plants containing Dimethyl-amine

Displaying top 6 plants with measured amounts of Dimethyl-amine
edamame, soya, soya-bean, soybean
found in Seed
celeriac, celery, celery-root, Chinese celery, cutting celery, knob celery, leaf celery, root celery, smallage, soup celery, stalk celery, turnip-root celery, wild celery
found in Stem
Balsas teosinte, Central Plateau teosinte, Chalco teosinte, corn, dent corn, Durango teosinte, field corn, flint corn, Guerrero teosinte, Huehuetenango teosinte, Indian corn, maize, Mexican teosinte, nobogame teosinte, pod corn, popcorn, rayana grass, San Antonio Huista teosinte, sweet corn
found in Seed
asparagus broccoli, Bedford cabbage, borecole, braganza, branching bush kale, branching cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bush kale, cabbage, cabbage turnip, calabrese, Cape broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese broccoli, Chinese kale, collards, cow cabbage, curled kitchen kale, curlies, curly kale, decorative kale, flowering cabbage, flowering kale, fodder kale, giant Jersey kale, heading broccoli, Jersey kale, kale, kohlrabi, marrow-stem kale, ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale, palm kale, palm-tree kale, perennial kale, perpetual kale, Portuguese cabbage, Portuguese cole, Portuguese kale, Portuguese tree kale, purple cauliflower, red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, Scotch kale, Scottish kale, seakale cabbage, Shetland cabbage, spring-heading cabbage, sprouting broccoli, stem turnip, tall kale, thousand-head kale, tree kale, tronchuda cabbage, tronchuda kale, turnip cabbage, turnip kale, white cabbage, wild cabbage, winter broccoli
found in Leaf
barley, wild barley
found in Seed
bine, common hop, European hop, hop
found in Inflorescence