Tyrosinase-Inhibitor biological activity

List of chemicals and dosages (if available) with Tyrosinase-Inhibitor biological activity
Acetaldehyde ID50=43 ug/ml
Anisaldehyde ID50=0.32 mMID50=320 uMID50=380-970 uM
Anisic-acid ID50=680 uM
Anisole ID50=7,100 uM
Arbutin IC50=40 uM
Benzaldehyde ID50=0.82 mMID50=820 uMID50=830 uMID50=87 ug/ml
Benzoic-acid ID50=640 uMID50=710 uM
Cinnamaldehyde ID50=129 ug/mlID50=970 uM
Cinnamic-acid ID50=700 uM
Citral ID50=1,500 uMID50=1.5 mM
Cuminaldehyde ID50=0.05 mM
Kaempferol ID50=230 uM
P-coumaric-acid ID50=3,650 uM
P-hydroxybenzaldehyde ID50=1,200 uMID50=1.2 mM
P-hydroxybenzyl-alcohol ID50=650 uM
Protocatechuic-acid ID60=0.5 uM/ml
Quercetin ID50=70 uM