Pyrogenic biological activity

List of chemicals and dosages (if available) with Pyrogenic biological activity
Adenosine 0.09 mg/kg ivn hmn
Arachidonic-acid 100 ug/kg rbt
Beta-phenethylamine 50 mg/kg ipr mus
Caffeine 13.3 mg/kg ipr rbt15 mg/kg ipr cat60 mg/day oral hmn
Capsaicin 6 mg scu rat
Cocaine 5 mg/kg ivn mky
Ginsenoside-rg-1 50 mg/kg ipr mus
Glaucine 10 mg/kg igs rat
Reticuline 5-20 mg/kg ipr rat
Ricin 0.05 ug/kg ipr rbt
Yuanhuacine 100-200 ug/kg scu rbt